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Can I deposit cash into my Credit Karma Money accounts?

SOLVEDBy Credit KarmaUpdated June 13, 2023

Although you can't deposit cash directly into your Spend or Save accounts, we can accept merchant deposits from retailers that offer this service, such as participating Walmart locations. 

To get credit for cash deposits made in these stores, you can use your physical Credit Karma Visa Debit card at a register that is not a self-checkout register, or visit the customer service desk. Keep in mind, you can only use the physical debit card to make merchant deposits to Credit Karma Money Spend accounts. The digital debit card number is not accepted for cash deposits.

Participating retailers who offer this service, such as Walmart, may charge a service fee for each deposit. Please review any applicable service fees at the time of your transaction. Intuit Credit Karma does not charge any fees for this and we will not reimburse any fees related to these deposits.

Participating retailers who offer this service may limit the number of deposits that can be made in one day, and this could vary by location. For more information, please inquire with their customer service department.

After successfully depositing funds using your debit card, your deposit may be available within 15 minutes, however we can't guarantee availability timeframes. You should refer any questions about deposit availability to the applicable merchant.

Be aware, we don't have visibility to the status of a cash deposit done through a retailer, so we're unable to answer questions about a pending cash deposit.

You can view your transaction details and recent deposit activity in the Money section of the mobile app. We can only assist with settled cash deposit transactions.

What if I have a dispute about my deposit?

Direct deposit disputes to the store where you made the deposit for the fastest resolution. If your issue remains unresolved after discussing with the merchant, you can contact us and provide a copy of your original transaction receipt. We'll attempt to resolve on your behalf through the disputes process. 

Please keep your transaction receipt until you have verified funds are available in your Credit Karma Money Spend account.

Please note, deposits allowed within the U.S. only. International currency is not accepted for deposit. 

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