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How do I cancel a pending deposit or withdrawal?

SOLVEDBy Credit KarmaUpdated July 19, 2023

We recommend taking extra caution and reviewing all transaction information before submitting. If you initiate a manual withdrawal or deposit, you may cancel it if it has not yet been sent for processing.

Transfers are sent for processing at 4pm Eastern Time on business days, Monday-Friday excluding banking holidays. If your transfer has not yet been sent, you will have the option to cancel it from the transaction details when accessing your Credit Karma Savings account*. To cancel a pending transfer:

  1. Access your Credit Karma Money Spend or Save account
  2. Under Recent Activity, click or tap on the transaction you wish to cancel
  3. Select Cancel transfer if it is available
    • All transactions are sent for processing at 4pm Eastern Time on business days
    • You will only have the option to cancel a transfer if it hasn’t already been sent for processing
  4. Select Yes cancel it on the confirmation screen to complete your cancelation
  5. Your transaction is now canceled and will not be processed
  6. You can view your canceled transactions appear under your Recent Activity

You can make changes to your scheduled automatic deposits before 4pm Eastern Time on the day they are scheduled. After 4pm Eastern Time, you may not cancel or make changes to the scheduled automatic deposit.
 *Banking services provided by MVB Bank, Inc., Member FDIC. 

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