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How do I use Two-Factor Authentication?

SOLVEDBy Credit KarmaUpdated July 19, 2023

For an extra layer of protection, Intuit Credit Karma offers two-factor authentication. Here’s how to use it.

Go to this section in Credit Karma: Security Settings

What is two-factor Authentication?
How do I set up two-factor authentication?
I enabled Two-Factor Authentication, but I don’t have my verified phone
I can’t receive a text message. How do I verify my landline?

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

2FA, also known as two-factor authentication, is an added layer of security to make it harder for someone else to access your account, even if they have your password. When you first enable two-factor authentication, in addition to entering your password, you must also enter a verification code that will be sent through text or an automated call. If you sign up for a Credit Karma Savings account or a Credit Karma Money Checking account, you’ll be automatically enrolled in 2FA. 

Two-factor authentication requires a verified phone number on your account. If you need to update the phone number on your account, check this information on here: How do I change my phone number?

How do I set up two-factor authentication?

To use 2FA, you need to link your phone number to your Credit Karma account. If you haven’t done this before, you can verify your phone number in your Security Settings.

Enroll in two-factor authentication 

On the Credit Karma mobile App:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Security Settings
  3. Under Two-Factor Authentication, click the toggle button turn turn it on 
  4. If you don’t have a verified phone on file yet, we may prompt you to verify via text message or automated call
  5. The next time you log in using a new device, you’ll need to verify your login using 2FA

On the website:

  1. Log into Credit Karma
  2. Hover-over Profile & Settings, then select Security Settings
  3. Under Additional Login Security, click Enrolled.
  4. Click Update
  5. Check your phone for a code
  6. You have the option to request a text message or an automated call
  7. Enter the code on the webpage
    • You must enter this code within 5 minutes of receiving the text or it will expire
  8. You should see a confirmation message, “Your Security Preferences are updated”

Keep in mind that the phone number must be:

  • Mobile or landline
  • A valid U.S. phone number
  • Not in use by another Credit Karma member

We do not support international phone numbers or VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) at this time.

The next time you log into Credit Karma using a device you’ve never used before, we’ll send you a new verification code. Once you verify the code on the new device, you generally shouldn’t need to verify that device again. Be aware that you may need to verify the device again with a new verification code if you use a new browser, clear your cookies and cache on the browser you used before, or take another similar action.

I enabled Two-Factor Authentication, but I don’t have my verified phone anymore

To regain access to your account, we may need to verify your identity. Contact us for help.

I can’t receive a text message. How do I verify my landline?

There are two options you can pick from: Text me or Call me.

If you choose to receive a call instead of a text message, an automated call will be placed to the phone number you’ve entered. When you pick up the call, you'll hear a computer-generated voice speak the numbers of the code.

The voice option is the only one that'll work for landline users, but mobile phone users can use either text message or voice.

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