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Does my card work for international transactions?

SOLVEDBy Credit KarmaUpdated June 12, 2023

Your Credit Karma Visa® Debit card will work internationally anywhere Visa is accepted. 

When you use your debit card with a merchant who charges in a currency other than US Dollars you will receive the current exchange rate as determined by Visa for that date. Additionally, if you use your card to transact in foreign currencies, you will be charged a 1.00% fee of the total purchase by Visa for each transaction. This Visa International Card Fee is charged by Visa and not by us. The Visa International Card Fee will be charged to your Credit Karma Money Checking account. 

You can withdraw cash using your debit card at any ATM that supports US based cards. Keep in mind that the owner of the ATM may charge a fee for withdrawing cash even though Credit Karma does not impose any fees. We do not currently reimburse fees charged by third party ATMs or merchants.

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